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Flipped Learning: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day

Featuring Jon Bergmann

July 15,  2016 Naperville  8:30am-3:30pm


Summer Kindergarten

Featuring Greg Smedley-Warren

July 27 - Naperville or July 28, 2016  Normal 


15th Annual Leadership Institute

July 31 - August 2,  2016 Galena 


Promoting Excellence Through Equity

September 12,  2016 Chicago 


Student Self-Regulation: The Foundation for Learning Autonomy

Featuring Richard Cash

September 21, 2016 - Crystal Lake     8:30am-3:30pm


2016-2017 Curriulum Leadership Development Network

September 26, November 28, 2016, January 23, February 27 and April 24, 2017 - Oaklawn     8:30am-3:30pm

October 26 - 27, 2016 - Schaumburg     8:30am-3:30pm


An Evaluator's Guide to the SLO Process for Monitoring Student Growth

Featuring Jennie Winters

October 4, 2016 - Carbondale     8:30am-3:30pm


Prioritizing for Powerful Results: Five Levers to Improve Learning

Featuring Tony Frontier

October 12, 2016 - Crystal Lake     8:30am-3:30pm


Instructional Rounds

Featuring Babakhani & Ness

October 13, 2016 - Skokie     8:30am-3:30pm


Confererence on Learning & EXPO

October 26 - 27, 2016 - Schaumburg      8:30am-3:30pm


How to Work Less, Produce More and Still Get the Job Done

The Breakthrough Coach

November 3-4, 2016 - Oak Park     8:30am-3:30pm


Curriculum 2020 - Embedding Formative Assessment with Teacher Learning Communities

Featuring Dylan Wiliam

November 9, 2016 - DeKalb    8:00am-3:30pm


We are a network of educators across Illinois working together in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and staff

development for the purpose of building the capacity of educational leaders to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.


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